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Autor: mr.pink Verfasst am 28. 03. 2014
Molotov Sping Released

NWI released first great content update.

 New maps: Buhriz and Revolt

 New weapon: FN FAL

 New grenades: ANM-14 incendiary grenade, Molotov cocktail

 New upgrades: 2x Aimpoint, Elcan 3.4x Scope, wooden  foregrips

 New upgrade options for M-40A1 and Mosin Nagant including  suppressors and optics.

 Four new gamemodes (Infiltrate, Flashpoint, Vendetta, Occupy)



Beside the new stuff a lot of old things got improved. Looking forward to nice matches. Be prepared, the next ESL matches are played with molotovs!

See full Changelog here.



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