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Autor: mr.pink Verfasst am 07. 04. 2015
Competetive Spring

Spring is Coming -

ESL Spring Cup & DGL Season 3

Awesome News for all competetive players and teams out there. On April 12th the first ESL Insurgency Spring Cup is starting. Its the first ESL Insurgency Cup with 32 teams and will be played in a double elimination format. There will be 3 days in between each match we all should have more then enough time to play your matches in time. Dogs are very excited and will try to participate with both dogs::main and dogs::sub! Check the official ESL Website for more informations. There is also a steamgroup about Insurgency in the ESL.

Also great news from the Digital Gaming League. In the next 2-3 weeks the signups for the EU Season 3 will start. The DGL Staff worked hard on a new optimized theater. There is already a huge interest showed by several new teams. Season 3 should be the season with the most teams participating. As soon as we got more informations about Season 3 we will bring them up here. Feel free to join the Digital Gaming League or atleast take a look into their forums. Both DGL and ESL have teams searching for players and vice versa - check Steamgroups and Forums to get in touch!

See you on the Servers - Competetive Insurgency ftw! :)


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