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Autor: mr.pink Verfasst am 06. 02. 2015
Season 2 Scheduled

DGL EU Season 2 Schedule released !

Season 2 is starting in a few days. Currently there are 17 teams taking part in this Euro only event.

The DGL Admins released the schedule for the upcoming european season 2. The league will be played in three divisions. The team dogs will participate in Division 1, that has six teams listed. You can have a look at the table to see all the divisions and participants here.

The season will start at 9th February and might get streamed by several casters on twitch and other platforms. 

Here is an overview and some informations about it.




Week 1:      vs      on Ministry

Week 2:      vs      on Market

Week 3:      vs      on District

Week 4:      vs      on Uprising

Week 5:      vs      on Heights


We are up for an intense and interesting event. Lets hope it wont be the 6th place for us in the end.

pink | control_machete