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Autor: mr.pink Verfasst am 11. 09. 2014
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Welcome Back!

Iam proud to announce, that an old mate found its way back to the dogs:

dogs::mr.red | Kaytan

Former known as mr.blue he was a long time part of the dogs::clan back in the days of insurency mod. Back then he also hosted servers for us. And - guess what - he is  doing that again now.


So from now on we also have two new servers, both coop and pvp. We decided to have the pvp server with only 16 slots, which in our opinion improves teamplay and communication a lot in public sessions.

Feel free to join the servers, that are administrated 24/7 by mr.red.



Special thanks to SADACS, Kaytan 

and now...



pink | control_machete